Ski and
Snowboard School


MOTION TEAM, a ski club for children, was established in 2016 under the auspices of Skol Max Ski School and Ski Resort Špindlerův Mlýn.​


⦁ Long-term general sports development of children with emphasis on winter sports, particularly skiing
⦁ Healthy and natural development of locomotive organs - under professional guidance, with respect to all aspects of growing and body development to avoid overstretching of children's locomotive organs, and, on the contrary, to support their healthy and natural development
⦁ To train small versatile skiers − boys/girls who are sports-team minded
⦁ To focus on social development of a child and its sense of responsibility not only to the training itself
Who the club is intended for
⦁ For skiing children aged from 4 to 12 with a positive attitude to winter sports, who spend most of the winter in Špindlerův Mlýn (in the case of your interest we can also make a “mite team” group for beginners)
⦁ For those who want to go in for skiing and doing sports at 100% under the guidance of professionals
⦁ For those who are interested in being versatile skiers, who can go down every hill under any conditions, jump at a park and sometimes take a part in local skiing races
⦁ For those who want to be versatile winter sports boys or sports girls and spend their time in an excellent team
Facilities and possibilities
⦁ Preferential admissions to the Ski Resort backbone chairlifts for children accompanied by their instructor
⦁ Children's parks (ski schools for children) including instructional aids
⦁ Sports gear rentals under advantageous conditions
⦁ Ski service
⦁ Equipment for organizing time-measured races (including timer)
⦁ Cooperation with a physiotherapist on a regular basis, including regular measurement of the performance before, during and after the season
⦁ Supporting programmes and trainings for parents
⦁ Trainings are possible early in the morning
⦁ Free admission of parents to the Ski Resort Svatý Petr 
⦁ Team clothes for children within the framework of a seasonal fee
⦁ Sufficient amount of corresponding training aids 

Instructor team
⦁ Instructor with the highest instructor education in the Czech Republic (APUL A), who is thoroughly acquainted with and well versed in ski racing and has previous experience in instructing children
⦁ Ensures a complete methodology and training procedures 
⦁ Takes an active part in trainings (he/she is an instructor of one training group)
⦁ Works with a training team and supervises the quality of training units
⦁ Is a main contact person for parents 
⦁ Instructors with professional skiing and snowboarding education (APUL B, APUL A; Alpine events instructor of Ski Association of the Czech Republic), members of the SKOL MAX Ski School instructor team, with previous experience in instructing / training children
⦁ During the season, the team does not change – each group has its own same instructor 
Training groups
⦁ Division according to abilities and performance (age is only a secondary factor)
⦁ 5 children in a group at most (3 children in a mite team)
⦁ Stable group and the same instructor during all winter season

⦁ Main programme (advanced): trainings Friday – Sunday (Friday 2x, Saturday 2x, Sunday 1x):
Friday: 1 x skis + 1 x dry / alternative training, 
Saturday 1 x skis + 1 x dry / alternative training, 
Sunday: 1 x skis
⦁ Place, date, time and contents of trainings are sent a week in advance 
⦁ Alternative trainings include: snowboard, cross-country skis, skates
⦁ Dry training takes place in a gym
⦁Winter season is concluded by joint races
⦁ Individual trainings possible upon agreement with an instructor/ chief instructor 
Spring, summer and autumn trainings
⦁ Spring training ski camp - termination of the joint ski season 
⦁ Summer training camp - a week-long training camp in Špindlerův Mlýn focused on general sports development and knowledge (athletics, bike, skates, swimming, climbing, hiking in the mountains)
⦁ Autumn training ski camp - training for the joint winter season; glacier skiing as a warm-up
Team clothes
The Columbia company becomes a partner of Motion Team for the season 2018 / 2019. 
The season fee includes:
⦁ The selected training plan
⦁ The work of the chief instructor and team instructor
⦁ Cooperation with physiotherapist
⦁ Training aids
⦁ Preferential admission to the backbone chairlifts 
⦁ Admissions to sports grounds (gym, swimming pool etc.) 
⦁ Team clothes 
⦁ Ski service for children (at instructor's discretion)
Above-standard offer:
⦁ Training camps (glacier, summer camp)
⦁ Additional / Individual trainings
⦁ Summer training
⦁ Supporting programmes and programmes for parents
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