Ski and
Snowboard School


Organisation and anjudication of sporting events and ski races  

SKOL MAX is expert at measuring and adjudicating sports events, especially ski races.          

Races are measured with the help of our professional Alge-Timing homologated timer.

Alge-Timing timing enables us to measure sporting events at any venue and under any conditions. Time data can be transferred to a distance of up to five kilometres. A great benefit for our clients is our LED - Display. This display provides instant information at the finish area about each competitor's time, giving them immediate feedback on their performance. The results are available immediately after the race.

We provide

  • Ski training

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor or trainer you can learn advanced techniques for downhill skiing. We provide training for both free ride and slalom. We also offer advanced services in the form of video analysis and timed practice.  

  • Ski races

We organise corporate 'Olympics' or championships, competitions for children and adults at any time of the day or night. We organise slalom, giant slalom, downhill, ski cross. Leave the entire organisation up to us and enjoy yourself!

For further information, requests, price lists, or suggested programmes email

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